DBZ Power Fighters

Not-So-Humble beginnings
First Kill

The current storyline takes place about 5 years after the Buu saga in DBZ, DB-GT doesn’t exist because it was lame and I haven’t seen most of it.

The plot begins with Vegita using the uber-enhanced dragon balls to wish back planet Vegita and all of the saiyans that lived on it and returned to it to become king. Due to the restless nature of saiyans, Vegita formed the Saiyan Squad to go out into the universe and battle evil wherever it may show its face.

The story begins with Harmonix, a namekian who got bored of things on new Namek and joined up, Ken, a mid-class saiyan who enjoys fighting a bit too much, and Highmax, a brain in a jar cyborg who was mostly built by Bulma.

They meet with their squad commander, who sends them on a mission to the system of Georon, which had been having trouble with some unruly saiyans who refused to join the Saiyan Squad and began rampaging across the further systems. They left immediately in the mini pods and headed out into space.

A short time later, using their upgraded scouters, they found some higher power-levels from orbit and descended to stop the evil saiyans. There were two tough-looking saiyans terrorizing a large metropolis, recognizing the Saiyan Squads armor they attacked immediately.

Ken and Harmonix took one and Highmax took the other. Ken and Harmonix had an epic fight with the first minion until it took a grim turn with the enemy countering one of Ken’s kicks and breaking his leg. Throwing Kens crippled body aside he fixes his sights on Harmonix. However Harmonix uses a series of blows to temporarily disable the foe, including kicks to the crotch and fishhooking him. Gaining some time he quickly went to his fallen companions side and fed him a senzu bean that they had been given before they left. Regaining his strength and then some, Ken proceeded to open up a can of whoop-ass on his enemy. He uppercut him into the air and kneed him in the chest, then while he was stunned, he grabbed hold and threw him towards the ground as he began to charge his signature attack. Without having time to dodge the enemy was hit full on by a powerful Hadoken wave, vaporizing his remains.

Harmonix was having an easier time with his opponent, he began the fight by beginning to charge his signature attack the, Chilly Blast, his opponent followed suite and also began charging up for a blast. As the two released their attacks the air shook with might as they collided in an epic clash. It was back and forth for a while, but Harmonix’s Chilly Blast was stronger and forced his enemy to be crushed by both attacks. Since the Chilly Blast had a cold effect, minion two was frozen to the ground, unable to move or do much of anything. Harmonix moved in closer and power-attacked him right in the solar plexus, breaking much of the ice. He then grabbed his opponent by the throat and drained his energy until there was nothing left.

The first battle complete the heroes looked on to the next challenge, as a boss of the foes had been mentioned during the fight. Who is the boss, will they be strong enough to beat him, what lies ahead in the next action packed episode of Dragon Ball Z Power Fighters!


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